• threadedstud



    Threaded Studs are used as a method of fastening wire rope assemblies where an overall length adjustment is required. Many diameters and thread pitches are available to fit various applications. Virtually all threaded studs are swaged with a hex pattern for ease of adjustment and meet or exceed the minimum breaking strength of the selected wire rope.

    Our studs are not field installable with a hand tool.  Factory installation is required.  

  • threadedplug

    Available for 3/32" through 3/16" wire rope diameters.

  • Stamped Eye C

    Marine Eyes - Molded Eyes - Stamped Eyes 

    These fittings are not field installable with a hand tool.  Factory installed is required.

  • sleeve

    Sleeves are used to make loops on the end(s) of a wire rope assembly. We stock aluminum for sizes 3/64” through 3/8” diameter cable. Copper is also available for applications susceptible to aluminum corrosion. Thimbles and spools can be used to minimized wear on the inside of a cable loop.

    We can package any quantity you require.  Volume Discounts are available.  

    These items are field installable with the proper hand crimp tool.

  • stop



    Stops are used to do just as the name implies, “stop” the cable from slipping through a hole or cable spool. They are often used with garage door assemblies. Aluminum is the most common material used for stops. Copper and stainless steel are also available but not stocked. Both Aluminum and copper stops are designed to hold one third the minimum breaking strength of the wire rope assembly.

    These items are field installable with the proper hand crimp tool.

  • Thimble

    Thimbles and bushings are used to reinforce the inter-bearing surface of a loop in a wire rope assembly. 
    We offer standard and medium duty thimbles in steel zinc and stainless steel.

    A brass bushing is also available

  • Wire Rope Clip

    Wire Rope Clips are used to fasten or fabricate loops in the field. When used properly, these components offer a diverse and convenient method to manufacture assemblies in the field. User assumes all risks and responsibilities when using these parts.

  • Ball Shank

    Available in both steel/zinc and stainless steels.

    Steel fittings are not field installable.   Factory installation required. 

  • Clevis Plug
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