The 5250 is designed specifically for comfortable vertical riveting on an assembly line or workbench. This inline riveter has a range of features bringing new standards in operator comfort and ease of movement by eliminating awkward wrist and finger positions and by reducing vibration and recoil when rivets are set. Vertical suspension from the integral hanger by balancing system allows the tool to be brought to the job effortlessly (even rotated for horizontal applications) and raised out of the way from the operator when not in use, leaving the work surface clear.

The system is completed by the high efficiency remote vacuum mandrel collector. Making a significant contribution to workplace cleanliness, the standard container will hold up to 8,500 spent mandrels (more than sufficient for a full shift's production) ready for simple, cost effective scrap reclamation. If required, the vacuum transducer, shield and deflector assembly can be fitted to a larger container.

  • Length: 15.62"
  • Height: 4.44"
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs.
  • Length: 15.62"
  • Height: 4.44"
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs.

Air Consumption:
.011 cf/rivet
MCS 12.5 scfm Air Required: 85 psi max
Click here for 5250 Series User Manual
Unit of Measure

Inline Air Hydraulic Riveting Tool with Remote Mandrel Collection System
Price $2,439.00


MCS Adaptor Kit
Price $143.35

PRG510-123 Jaw Pusher Spring

Jaw Pusher Spring
Price $2.65


Jaw Lube
Price $7.47


Jaw Pusher
Price $14.70
Quantity N/A N/A Each N/A 1 N/A Each N/A Each
Unit of Measure N/A each
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