We offer a number of eyelet sizes and finishes for you to choose from.

The application to bind a brochure or booklet with only one eyelet allows the pages/text sheets to fan.   The standard setting for the eyelet is to allow the pages to move but to hold their position when not being moved.   Aero can modify the tension(setting) of the eyelet to meet each customer's requirements.   

Thickness of Brochure: The maximum thickness for your booklet should not exceed .300" if you would like to consider an eyelet for binding the pages together.  

Placement of Eyelet:   The placement of the eyelet should be considered during the design process to avoid putting text in the dead zone.  The dead zone is the area that will be hidden as the pages turn.   For example, if the center of the hole for the eyelet is drilled .30" from the edge, you will end up with a .60" diameter dead zone as the pages turn where the eyelet is installed.  

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