Our eyelets and grommets range for 1/8"  holes up to 1/2" holes.  We can work with you to detemine what is the best eyelet for your application based on your stock, hole requirement and eyelet finish. 

SE(Standard Eyelets) eyelets are available with the following hole diameters of 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4" with graduated lengths to accomodate your requirements.    Standard Finishes for our popular sizes are Brass, Nickel and Black.  White maybe available in some sizes depending on your stock. 

Other Eyelet sizes:
#1 Klondike - 5/16" Eyelet with a maximum paper thickness up to .11" -Aluminum & Brass available
1/2" tag eyelet with a maximim paper thickness of .035" - Brass & Nickel available  

Grommet & Washer sizes for tags:
#0 (1/4" hole), #1 (9/32") Hole, #2 (3/8" hole) -Brass, Nickel and Black are available. 

The diameter of the drilled hole required in your tags may differ from the stated hole size above.   Call us and we can work with you to determine the correct hole size for drilling which can be affected by the eyelet/grommet you choose as well as your stock.     

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